Island Hopping Tour 5

Enjoy Bohol Island Hopping Tours with Nature Philippine Tours.

During the day we get lost in a paradise playground of deserted islands, swim to the beach and get coconuts, go snorkeling to explore the underwater world, stay onboard and fish off the back of the boat, or just read your book and tour in untouched island and traditional fishing village.

4 pneumatic tents with a good quality mattress
And 1 room with a real bed.
The price includes breakfast, dinner, lunch, island tour in a fishing village and idyllic village, diving mask and snorkel to visit the garden Coraille and colorful fish and the night on the boat.
Prices do not include drinks and personal expenses.

OPTIONAL – WHALE WATCHING: Whales are often seen but sometimes they are not seen.
Additionally, we will go to the fishing village where the ancient whale hunters live to learn more about them and their life style, If you would like to see whales, We will have ancient whale hunters accompany us on the boat for an additional 100PHP per person, We will charge an additional fee of 400PHP each person if we see a whale. If you do not see a whale, the 400PHP fee will be waved.

Island Hopping Package 5

Includes:5 Days/5 nights Tour 58,000PHP Good for 4 people, 12,000PHP for each additional person up to 10 people maximum

NOTE: All fees and food will be included. Water is also included for free but there will be an additional charge for soft drinks and alcoholic beverages.

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