CoCo Mango’s Place Resort | Bohol Budget Resort Panglao Island

CoCo Mango’s Place Resort offers the Best Rates on Rooms. Rates for only Php 1,500. They are the Bohol Backpackers choice for a budget resort in Panglao Island, Bohol, Philippines.

Our List of 9 Cheap Resorts in Bohol

We are your source for Cheap Bohol Resorts! We offer the best Guide for hotels, cheap hotels, discount hotels and vacation packages

Bohol Tour Packages – Bohol Custom Tour Packages

Cheap and affordable Customized Bohol Tours and Bohol Tour Packages with Hotel Accommodations, like Dolphin Watching in Bohol – Loboc River Cruise and more.

Chocolate Hills

Once in Bohol, Chocolate Hills would be the place to start when Touring Bohol.

Tarsier Sanctuary

Tarsier Sanctuary Tour. In the secondary growth forest foothill of Corella town, in the interior part of Bohol, is the Tarsier Sanctuary, an institution dedicated to the preservation and scientific research of the tarsier in Bohol.

Bohol River Trekking Tour Package

Explore a river in Bohol and sightseeing exotic views of the beauty of nature including exploring caves and hiking down scenic rivers here in Bohol.

Scuba diving in Bohol – PADI Courses By Piratas Alona Dive Center

Scuba diving in Panglao, Bohol, Philippines – Piratas Alona Dive Center

Piratas Alona Dive Center They have a full range of diving courses, from introduction to scuba diving to full qualification and specialist courses. Learn to dive with the best dive center in the Philippines! Experience, re experience … Continue Reading ››

Bohol Rice Terraces

A tour of Bohol’s rice terraces – The amazing views of these rice terraces is sure to please the eye of natural beauty.

Pamilacan island Tour

A Tour to Pamilacan Island starts early in the morning with Dolphin Watching and an island hopping adventure. Come visit the island of Pamilacan with us.

Bohol Tours and Tourist Spots – The Historic Ermita Ruins

Bohol Tours and Tourist Spots – The Historic Ermita Ruins

5 of the Best Family Resorts in Bohol

8 of the Best Family Resorts in Bohol – Planing a Family vacation in Bohol? Here is a great place to start when making a choice on where your going to stay!

Resort Information Bohol

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Best Beaches In Bohol

Where are The best beaches in Bohol? From snorkeling, swimming, coral to sandy white beaches, you are bound to find a perfect place for your sunny Bohol beach holiday.

Chocolate Hills in Carmen

The Chocolate Hills in Bohol Philippines is a endless as far as the eye can see collection of hills that turn brown. Come visit The famous Chocolate Hills.

Cebu to Tagbilaran Fast-craft Schedules

Here you can find Cebu to Tagbilaran Fast-craft Schedules. It’s the latest schedule for Weesam Express, Supercat / 2Go Travel and Oceanjet.

A Quick Tour of Bohol – The Best Tourism Spots

A Quick Tour of Bohol – The Best Tourism Spots – If you are looking for a bit of refreshment and have not found any yet, Bohol province can be the right place for you.

Bohol Tours – Bohol Travel and Tours Packages

Bohol Tours – Bohol Travel and Tours Packages 2014

Avoid Tourist Scams and Rip-Offs while in Bohol

Avoid Bohol Tourist Scams and Rip-Offs while in Bohol

Bohol Tour Packages To Plan A Great Bohol Vacation

Bohol Tour Packages To Plan A Great Bohol Vacation – Introducing Unique Bohol Tour Packages to Plan around a Great Bohol Vacation for you and your family or friends.

Bohol Birds Island Tour

Bohol Birds Island Tour – While sightseeing in Bohol, you could enjoy a view of over 350 species of migratory and native Philippines birds.

Bohol Classic Tour 1 Day

Bohol Island Hopping

Enjoy Bohol Island Hopping Tours with Nature Philippine Tours.

Cheap Bohol Tours Including Bohol Travel and Vacation Packages. Nature Tours, Island Hopping Tours and Bohol waterfall, Hiking Tours in Bohol, Philippines.