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Here you will find a complete list of our most popular Bohol tour destinations and Tourist Spots.
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Best Beaches In Bohol

Where are The best beaches in Bohol? From snorkeling, swimming, coral to sandy white beaches, you are bound to find a perfect place for your sunny Bohol beach holiday.

Chocolate Hills in Carmen

The Chocolate Hills in Bohol Philippines is a endless as far as the eye can see collection of hills that turn brown. Come visit The famous Chocolate Hills.

A Quick Tour of Bohol – The Best Tourism Spots

A Quick Tour of Bohol – The Best Tourism Spots – If you are looking for a bit of refreshment and have not found any yet, Bohol province can be the right place for you.

Chocolate Hills

Once in Bohol, Chocolate Hills would be the place to start when Touring Bohol.

Tarsier Sanctuary

Tarsier Sanctuary Tour. In the secondary growth forest foothill of Corella town, in the interior part of Bohol, is the Tarsier Sanctuary, an institution dedicated to the preservation and scientific research of the tarsier in Bohol.

Bohol River Trekking Tour Package

Explore a river in Bohol and sightseeing exotic views of the beauty of nature including exploring caves and hiking down scenic rivers here in Bohol.

Bohol Birds Island Tour

Bohol Birds Island Tour – While sightseeing in Bohol, you could enjoy a view of over 350 species of migratory and native Philippines birds.

Bohol Island Hopping

Enjoy Bohol Island Hopping Tours with Nature Philippine Tours.

Accommodations in Pamilacan Island

Accommodations in Pamilacan Island – There is a little resort in Pamilacan island, Bohol with basic cottages directly on the beach.

Bohol Mystical Tour Package 1 Day

If your looking for a diverse Bohol tour package then look no farther than the Bohol Mystical Tour Package.

Bohol Aquarium Island Tour

Bohol Aquarium Island Tour – Aquarium Island is one of the most protected marine areas in the province of Bohol Philippines. A great place to tour Bohol in an afternoon

Bohol Guapa Island Tour

Bohol Guapa Island Tour – Like the Islands name says, guapa means beautiful will amaze you with pristine crystal clear water. Another great tour destination in Bohol.

Bohol Flip-Flop Island Tour

Bohol Flip-Flop Island Tour A unique Island Hopping Tour at Flip-Flop Island in Bohol Philippines. Bring your travel buddies and come enjoy pristine Philippines beaches

Bohol Tagay Island Tour

Bohol Tagay Island Tour – “Tagay” which means Cheers in Tagalog is a cheerful place with very humble and kind people living among its shores.

Bohol Infant Island Tour

Bohol Infant Island Tour – This island has 200 children and 50 adults. This is a kids paradise and a wonderful place to visit if you like to be surrounded children.

Bohol Shells Island Tour

Bohol Shells Island Tour – This Island Tour is for shell lovers. Here we will see a wide verity of unique shells, this is also an island where the local Bohol fisherman go to rest .

Bohol Iro island Tour

Bohol Iro island Tour – Welcome to Iro Island in Bohol Philippines. This unique tour is not well traveled by even the local guides here.

Bohol Mangrove Island Tour

Bohol Mangrove Island Tour – This island tour to mangrove island will surely bring you back to primitive time. An island full of exotic birds and natural mangroves.

Bohol Guapo Island Tour

Bohol Guapo Island Tour

Bohol Snorkeling Island Tour

Bohol Snorkeling Island Tour – If your looking for a Bohol tour to go snorkeling your in luck. We have got the perfect place! Snorkeling Island in Bohol offers just that!

Bohol Dolphin Island Tour

Bohol Dolphin Island Tour – Dolphin Island in Bohol is an eco-tourism project that combines dolphins, fish ponds, mangrove restoration and chalet-style accommodations.

Bohol Rice Terraces

A tour of Bohol’s rice terraces – The amazing views of these rice terraces is sure to please the eye of natural beauty.

Hinagdanan Cave

Hinagdanan Cave is a very unique cave in Panglao Island, Bohol Province, in the Philippines.

Pahangog Falls

Tour to Pahangog Falls! Near this waterfall are two caverns with bizarre interiors. One of them has a pool that catches fresh cool waters gushing from its side. It is located in barangay Guingoyuran, some 9 kilometers from the town proper.

La Manok Island

Bohol has some spots that are not yet famous for tourists like the LA MANOK MYSTICAL ISLAND located in ANDA.