Bohol Jeepney Tour Package 3 Days 3 Nights

Our Bohol Ultimate Jeepney Tour Package Covers Every Tour Destination – 3days/3nights

For the Ultimate 3day/3night Bohol Tour Experience, we offer the Bohol Ultimate Nature Tour Package Experience!
This package is the package of all packages, with a diverse itinerary that will leave you truly satisfied with the natural wonders of Bohol, Philippines.
Package Includes:

Places to stay:

Tour is the Bohol Ultimate Nature Tour Package.
This tour is good for up to 12 people. All fees and food will be included. Water is also included for free but there will be additional charge for soft drinks and alcoholic beverages.

Fees and Chargers:

31500PHP for 2 people + 10,500PHP for each additional person up to 12 people.

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  1. Hi. I would like to inquire about the prices of the packages. I am planing to have vacation from August 27 to August 30 .

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