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5 of the Best Family Resorts in Bohol

8 of the Best Family Resorts in Bohol – Planing a Family vacation in Bohol? Here is a great place to start when making a choice on where your going to stay!

Resort Information Bohol

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Bohol Tours – Bohol Travel and Tours Packages

Bohol Tours – Bohol Travel and Tours Packages 2014

Avoid Tourist Scams and Rip-Offs while in Bohol

Avoid Bohol Tourist Scams and Rip-Offs while in Bohol

Discovering Cabilao Island, Loon, Bohol

Loon, a progressive municipality, is popularly known as Bohol’s nest of soul soothing attraction for tourists.

Loboc Bohol’s Capital of Arts Music and Pre-Hispanic Culture

Think of floating restaurants and invigorating short cruises—you are definitely guessing right about Loboc. The town's extraordinary cruise crosses the scenic Loboc river and stops at Busay Falls while native bands and folklore dancers perform in boat restaurants. Loboc River Cruise Bohol-018 Loboc, an … Continue Reading ››

The Best of Alona – A White Beach Experience

Panglao Island of Bohol is a haven for white beach seekers. Come enjoy a taste of Bohol.

7 Bohol Popular Events and Festivals, Holiday Celebrations in Bohol

As one of the most popular islands within the Philippines Island chain, Bohol is known for its many exciting festivals.

Finding your next Dream Destination: IN BOHOL

Finding your next Dream Destination is a difficult decision for all of us! ITS BETTER IN BOHOL

Searching for that "Perfect Place To Vacation"...let us make a suggestion...SPEND YOUR NEXT DREAM VACATION IN BOHOL!

Welcome to your next dream vacation destination! Saving up … Continue Reading ››